• Jungle Rewilding Residency
    Tue, Dec 20
    SOL Center Pavones
    Join us for a one-month Jungle Rewilding Residency in the lush coastline of Costa Rica. This will be an inclusive community opportunity to revitalize your body through movement, nourishing organic foods, and living in intimacy with the jungle and ocean. Together we’ll learn about regenerative living
  • Healing Arts & Living Ecology Retreat- 7 day immersion
    Fri, Jan 20
    Costa Rica
    Join us for a life changing immersion in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Focused on regenerative practices for the body, mind, soul & planet. Grow, connect and thrive in community with nature and play.
  • The Art of Community
    Sat, Feb 11
    SOL Center
    Join us for a 5 day experimental immersion dedicated to exploring the heart of regenerative community health. From our personal relationships & families, to our places of work & living, community is anywhere people gather. A profound retreat on the deeper essence of Being in Community.
  • Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica
    Tue, Feb 21
    Take time to slow down & reconnect. Join us for this deeply heart centered yoga retreat in beautiful Costa Rica. Spend time in the jungle, connecting with its rhythms. Relax. Breathe. Get to know people in one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet
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Bunk Up

Whether you are attending an event with friends or the type of adventurer who's looking to meet new people, this option is for you! Share your room with ONLY ONE other person and possibly make the friendship of a lifetime as you immerse yourself in the teachings offered at SOL Center.

bunk up.jpg

Casa Amarilla Private Room

Enjoy the beautiful views of our SOL Village Tropical Jungle Rainforest and share a wonderful balcony, jungle bathroom and kitchen with one other room opening opportunities to meet others and share a friendly beverage during retreat breaks. Want to share your space with someone? Simply let us know and we will create a new ticket for you to include the both of you as well as apply a 18% discount on your total.

Casa Amarilla Cuarto 1 4.jpg
Casa amarilla cuarto 2 3.jpg

Private Room

Your own space, your own vibe! Let the jungle energies sweep you up in the mornings and privately soothe you into your dreams at night. Want to share your space with someone? Simply let us know and we will create a new ticket for you to include the both of you as well as apply a 20% discount on your total.

Private Room.jpg

Private Studio for two couples

Welcome to your private studio! With your own kitchenette and two double beds, our private studio can fit up to four of you at an 18% discount per person! If you are coming with a group of three instead of four let us know and we can adjust the pricing.

2 couples PR.jpg
two couples PR.jpg