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Welcome to SOL Center!


Located in Costa Rica on the heart of the Golfo Dulce, one of the most vibrant, abundant and pristine ecosystems on the planet; SOL Center is where we gather to explore our connection to all life through its infinitely diverse natural classroom.

Pavones, Golfito, Puntarenas

Costa Rica

Cell: (506) 8458 1400

Our website is currently under construction. Here is where you will be able to find information regarding SOL Center and our upcoming retreats, as well as our adjacent SOL Village, for those who want to be part of our regenerative jungle community, and Sister Non-Profit Organization, for those who want to donate or be of service to our Mother Nature, local empowerment and education. To receive more information and stay in touch, feel free to subscribe to our digital community and we will be contacting you!

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