A visionary who is continually birthing new paradigms for how humans live in deep relationships to the natural world. He has spent over 20 years of his life practicing ecological homesteading and organic farming. He is the founder and creative force behind two revolutionary eco-communities, one in northern California and the other in Costa Rica. His unyielding passion for connecting with nature is highly contagious. He has dedicated himself to being a student of life.



Jocy is an entrepreneur with a passion for conscious human development and ecotourism; after many years of traveling the world she opened up a community-based guesthouse in Costa Rica, gathering experience in hospitality management and cultural diversity. She’s an advocate for radical authenticity as a way of living, and for our capacity to co-create healthier models of relationship with ourselves, each other and our planet.

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 Passionate sociologist, researcher, academic & femalepreneur invested in social justice, peaceful resolution of conflicts, empowerment of women, healthy masculinity, LGTBQI rights, Mother Nature rights, & glocal community rights. Through her academic career & entrepreneur endeavours, Mai continues to design research that brings us closer to responsible and inclusive engagement with communities/populations as well as business modalities that base their work and profit on combating social injustice and inequality. 

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